Training Course FAQs

If you have encountered issues with the Protecting Youth Training Course, please refer to the below FAQs.


Do I have to complete the course in one sitting/is the course timed?

No! You can go at your own pace, though we recommend taking it in one sitting so the information stays fresh for the final quiz.


I can’t find my email link with the Protecting Youth Training, can you help?

If you have already accessed the training, search the email address provided to YPP by your program manager with the subject “New course – Protecting Youth.”

If you have never accessed the course, you will need to set up a password. You can search your provided email inbox by the subject: “Welcome! Learning awaits”


I forgot my password, what do I do?

Email YPP at and we can resend an email to the email address associated with the account with a reset password link.


I’m using my cell phone / tablet and I received an error message “Popup Blocked” and I am unable to access the course. What should I do?

Click Launch Course and wait 60 seconds until the course loads. Please note Load time can vary depending on connection speed. If this does not work, try refreshing the page.


I accidentally closed out of the course; do I have to start over?

No, thank goodness! The course saves your progress exactly where you are, so you can re-launch it again when you are ready and able and continue where you left off!


I’m stuck in one place of the course and I can’t click continue or move to the next page.

Be sure you are clicking through all the hyperlinks, tabs, and other interactive options. The course will highlight in purple the continue button once all information has been reviewed and allow you to move forward.


I am mid-video and it froze; now I can’t move forward in the course. What do I do?

Click the arrow to go to the previous page or try refreshing the page. This may require starting the video from the beginning.


I took the quiz and received a passing score, but I still show as incomplete?

Great job! You are almost done! Because of the course parameters, you must complete and click thorough EVERY stage of the course to be marked complete and receive your certificate. This includes taking surveys and watching a closing video. Please ensure you have made it to the final page in the course entitled “Thanks for your time” before exiting the browser to ensure completion.


I finished the course on my device, but I can’t see my certificate. What should I do? 

The course automatically opens in a new window/tab on your device when launched. Once you complete the course in the new tab, you will need to exit this tab. Return to the original browser (which will look blank) and wait 60 seconds for your certificate to populate.


I waited for my certificate to load as described above, and my certificate did not populate?

Occasionally technology can glitch and not work as anticipated. You will need to return to the home page, and relaunch the course, exit a second time, and wait in the original browser for your certificate to appear. If you have any questions you can email YPP at


How can I be sure that I have completed the course and satisfied the requirement?

You can verify course completion by viewing your certificate. Additionally, your homescreen will show an expiration date 2 years after you have completed the training.

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