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Nadia Guevara

Director, Youth Protection Program

Youth Protection Program Director Nadia Guevara

Nadia leads the University’s program on the protection of youth. She oversees the policy implementation and compliance across all colleges and divisions of the University. She also serves as point-of-contact for establishing and maintaining best practices to cultivate safe and healthy environments for the protection of youth participants in camps, programs, and activities. Previously, she led business operations teams in the assessment of internal processes to identify improvement opportunities and streamline processes. Nadia has experience managing small and large-scale process improvement projects in both non-profit and for-profit settings. She has a bachelor’s degree from Langston University and master’s degree from Southern Nazarene University. 

Nadia can be reached at Nadia.Guevara@unt.edu or 940-565-2813.

Emily Gautraud

Youth Protection Program Coordinator

Youth Protection Program Coordinator Emily Gautraud

Emily provides administrative support to both the Director of the Youth Protection Program as well as the Director of Policy. Her goal at the University is to provide outstanding customer support and service to campus through creating and implementing efficient and effective processes. Prior to her role in Administrative Services she worked in the University Budget Office, and hopes to continue her professional career at UNT for many years to come. She is UNT Alumni with a Bachelor’s degree in English – Linguistics. 

Emily can be reached at Emily.Gautraud@unt.edu or 940-369-6460.

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